Dark and Light
Author; Emma
Series; Bloody Shadows

Chapter OneEdit

Blackfur padded through the forest, hunting. He spotted a squirrel. He crouched and began to stalk it, but something jumped from the bushes and put it's claws against his throat.

"W-who are you?!" Blackfur stammered.

"...Your worst nightmare." the creature said. With that, it ran off.

Blackfur shivered. "...I better get back to camp."

Chapter TwoEdit

Blackfur sighed. Nobody had believed what he said. He padded over to the warriors den and lay down, falling into a deep slumber.

"YOU TRIED TO TELL THEM ABOUT ME?!" a voice screeched. Blackpelt opened his eyes to find that the creature pinning him down.

"What is your name?!" Blackpelt demanded.

"For the sake of simplicity," the shadow said. "Call me Nightmare. Now then, back to the original subject. TELL ANYONE ABOUT ME AND I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER WORSE THEN I PLANNED." Nightmare hissed.

"O-okay..." Blackpelt mewed meekly, shrinking back.