Graypaw, a Forgotten Tale
Author; Emma
Series; No series Ah, hello! A visitor. Have I told you the tale of Graypaw? No? Well, sit back, relax, and let me enlighten you with a story of a cat whose paws walked the wrong path...

Chapter 1Edit

Gray sat on the snowy white grass and sighed. His collar pinched around his neck tightly.

I hate my life. he thought. He looked at the trees that led into the forest. For the first time, the gray tabby felt drawn to them. He stood and padded almost unconsciously to the woods. As he meandered through the dense undergrowth, Gray noticed a squirrel in the snow, grabbing a few nuts. It was late fall, and snow had come early.

Animals must be rushing to get enough food. he thought. Suddenly, Gray had an idea. The tom slowly walked a few steps forward, then jumped onto the squirrel and slammed a paw against the back of it's neck. The squirrel's shriek cut off, and Gray took a cautious bite from the dead animal.

"This is good..." the gray-and-white cat mewed. He finished his meal, and buried the leftover bones. A blue-gray cat appeared from the bushes.

"Who are you?!" it hissed. Gray twitched.

"M-my name is Gray. I live with my housefolk in Mellowbrook Village!" he mewed quickly.

"Kittypet, huh?" the blue-gray she-cat mewed. "Well, I'm Lightpaw. Nice to meet you! I'd get off our territory, though. Lionstar might be angry to find a kittypet on our land."

"And I am." a golden-brown cat hissed, bounding over to the cats. "Get off my territory before I make you into fresh-kill, you mangy excuse for a cat!"

"Father, don't do this!" Lightpaw begged. "He means no harm!"

Lionstar snorted. "Fine. What's your name, kittypet?" he growled.

"Gray..." Gray mewed nervously.

"Listen, Gray." Lightpaw mewed. "You can join our Clan, RockClan, if you are willing to leave your Twoleg owners." she said.

"Lightpaw!" Lionstar hissed with anger. "Don't interrupt me! Now, kittypet. Would you like to join RockClan?"

Gray nodded. "Yes. I hated my life with my housefolk." Lionstar nodded.

"Come on, I'll show you our camp." he mewed with a smile.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter TwoEdit

Gray padded into a rocky clearing. "Wow..." he mewed, amazed.