How Loudshadow meet ScourgeEdit

Ah welcome young kits have you come to hear the story of how I meet Scourge? Oh yes I see ok sit down young ones and get comfortable. Oh yes I remember this as if it was just yesterday! Yes Shadow the story begins when I was a forest cat er,.. well kit. It was a normal day, my sister Spottedpaw was on hunting patrol and the next day was my apprentice naming so I asked our mother Wildeyes if I could go with them. She agreed to we all set out. When we where walking past a twoleg house a small black kit, Scourge, whent flying out of the hole in the fence. We became friends and we played every day but one day he want there. The next time we meet was in battle so I left the forest and became a BloodClan cat with him. Now off you go all of you time for bed! LoudShadow29 18:09, August 3, 2012 (UTC)