You must have 10 edits on mainspace pages in order to enter the chatroom. If you do not, you will be told and if you don't listen you will automatically be kicked or banned.

Rule 1 Edit

Grammar User proper grammar at all times please. Which means use caps when starting a sentence, and spelling things right. Never cuss, always keep it PG. Refrain from using caps.
Text Talk Don't text talk. So dnt tlk lik dis. Which is like r instead of "are", and u instead of "you".

Rule 2 Edit

Assume Good Faith Always assume good faith and follow the rules. Be nice to the staff and always, remember, assume good faith.
Be respectful Be respectful. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Always follow the staff's rules when they tell you something, never argue with them.

Rules 3 Edit

Asking for kicks Do not ask a staff member to kick you. You will result a real kick and warning.
Links Don't post links, only if you have asked a chatmod in the chatroom. And don't talk about other wikis.