Authors: Emma and Feather
Series: Unknown


A black tom raced through the forest, his claws unsheathed. He ran into a wall and screeched. "I have...I have to get away...but they will rue the day they heard the name Darkstorm." he mewed. The tom slowly padded away, flattening grass. He swished his jet-black tail through the air.

Chapter 1Edit

A silver she-cat raced through the night, her paws skimming the water's edge, spraying water above her heels. Her heart raced. I have to get away from Darkstorm. She thought, panting.


A kit was playing with his sister in the nursery. "I can't believe we'll become apprentices today!" the she-cat chirped. "Let's go get our apprentice names!" Darkkit mewed. Wingkit purred. "Come on!" She bounded into the clearing.

"I do." she mewed strongly. "I do." he mewed strongly. "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names! Wingheart and Darkstorm!" Adderstar mewed. "Wingheart! Darkstorm!" the Clan cheered.

"Darkstorm? Darkstorm, what's wrong?" Wingheart padded into a small cave. "Get out." Wingheart was surprised at her brother's tone. "What? Wh-" she was cut off. "Now! Get out or I'll kill you!" he hissed. "I mean it. Run away, now." He shoved his muzzle into her face. "Fear me." Wingheart backed out of the cave and started to run. "What?" she thought.

end of flashback

The silver she-cat's eyes filled with tears, her nose burned. "My brother's evil, and I'm running away from him, because he'll kill me." she whispered, surprised at her own words.