The Barn

A young brown she-cat with a white underbelly walks through the snow. She hears whimpers and she walks. She walks towards the wine, she she's a small blue-gray torbie tom. He is just about a moon younger than the she-cat. The tom looked at her. "I'm here for you." The she-cat mewed and picked him up. She took him to a wide barn. She went in and took him to a small area were there were herbs and a small bed for him to lay down. "Lay here, you will be fine. I promise." She mewed sweetly at him and the tom was shivering. "Thank you so much."
Alright, all of you probably think this is a fanfic. WELL! It's not! It's a roleplay that we do in the chatroom. So if you join the wiki and are on the chat at the right time you can roleplay with us! The picture above is like the "cover" of the roleplay. The one in the center is Allari, the one to her right is Fred and next to Fred is Lupis. On her left side is Sammy and next to him is Midnight. They are the main characters. But of course everyone is the main characters, but they are the ones that kinda started the roleplay. So they are the "cover". And the rouges is Allari's barn they are called "shelter rouges" because they live in a shelter.

The Rouges Edit

Leader; Allari- A brown she-cat with white paws and underbelly. She has light green eyes.

Deputies; Sammy- a blue-gray tortoiseshell tabby tom with bright amber eyes.

Shelter Rouges; Apple- a ginger-and-white she-cat with green eyes.

Midnight- A black she-cat with white spots and blue eyes.

Lupis- A gray tom with dark blue eyes.

Billie- a black Tom with two brown eyes.He has a scratch on his left ear because of a dog fight.

Art Edit

Sammy and AllariBlizzard