The Broken Prophecy
Author; Moonshine
Series; Unnamed

Two loners, sisters, Mist and Willow have been living alone since their mother died after they were kitted. Now one of the sisters makes a life-threatening descision and the other disappears. What will happen to these two cats?


Dark had just given birth to two kits. One was a gray mottled/flecked she-cat and the other was a white she-cat with tortiseshell patches. She loved her kits more than her life, but she knew she would die in about another sunrise or two. They should be fine, after all, they have each other, she thought.

Dark decided to name her kits. "The gray one is Willow and the tortoiseshell one is Mist. Take care my little ones. I will wait for you in StarClan."

Dark left her two kits in a bed of moss and walked away. She died about two sunrises later, but the kits were still in the bed of moss.

Chapter OneEdit