Alright, I am saying this and I hope it will be read. I am leaving, I, I just don't want to hurt anyone anymore. I hope you all have great times without me. And for the ones I have hurt. Today, Moonshine, Feathernose, Stormboot, Snowfern, and last Rowanflight. My note to you,

I am sorry for making you feel that way ;.; I really got upset and I didn't like what happened. I did really get upset, and I didn't mean to. I just really want you to forgive me and we can put all this behind, because when you yelled I felt like I was the one who should leave. I really just want to put this behind us and forget it, and this wiki is going to die with people leaving. I just think I should leave Wikia because werever I go I always end up messing friendships up. So I probably will be leaving, I'm done making people feel so terrible. I only got mad and yelled because I was the only one and two were against me. I felt like I didn't have anything else to do, but I did. My choice was to change the damn name for SummerClan but I didn't. I lost four friends today, and I feel like the worst person on earth, I really do. I just want to be friends with everyone. I will try, no. I WILL be nicer and a better person. I just want everyone to forgive me and we will get past this. But I just really want everyone to realize, there are a lot of SummerClans. But still, I has a right to change it and I should have. I am sorry, everybody. Moonshine, Feathernose, Snowfern, stormboot, and especially Rowanflight. I hope you all read this. Because I feel horrible, the most horrible person on earth. And I, we all need to treat others the way we want to be treated. And today, I didn't I fended for myself when I should have just changed the damn name. I'm sorry. To all of you. I feel very horrible, I did really almost cry, I am so upset that I lost 5 friends. And honestly, I wish I did nothing to you guys, and all I can say. Is sorry. So sorry.