Hello listener, I see you ran across my blog. That is fantastic! I am very happy to tell you what it is about. It's just an idea I came up with when I was sitting down just thinking. I was thinking about thinking about having a News and Announcements page, keep the wiki organized and happy with what's going on! And just reading, and always can edit. There will be jobs, maybe just 3 though, so there's not going to be a lot so if you want it you better get it before someone!~ Okay let's just get to the idea and what's going to be on the page. There is going to be a blog every two weeks written by the "News Writers" Two people will be writing this, they find news or anything they think is cool and put it together. There will be announcements witch will be a small part with the dates and what happened that day, there will be achievements page for the NAA of course~ Icey will take that job =3 There will be a slide show showing a picture of the latest Fanfiction, Roleplay, Character, and Character from the original series. There will be a part for users just to put what they would like. And also for people to put if they are going on vacation, ideas, pretty much anything. They can say witch roleplay or fanfiction should be the one of the month. There will be parts for featured roleplay, fanfiction, user, and character of the month. There will be coding and witch that is a job. For anyone who likes to code can come on and code the page for us. Of course if no one wants it I will take it, but only if my idea is going to actually be a page. Hopefully my idea gets to be a page and people like it, sorry about Icey having to have idea's and share them. I bet you are thinking "Why more idea's?" Yeah will Ice is full of idea's and shares them of course~

Coding, one open. For anyone who is a coding master and make really cool coding. Hopefully someone awesome x3.

~Shrugs~ Give me idea's of any other jobs!