Okay, I have thought of the situation for awhile. Not naming names and I am not trying to make a fight. I was personally attacked hmm... twice. I have been cyber bullied and for that. I AM NEVER coming back. I litterally cried and I am done. I have been cyber bullied before, I left that site and never went back. Same thing here, but I have been hurt and I don't care, not anymore. It's a fucking wikia. Being bullied or cyber bullied hurts. And it needs to stop. I am putting the end HERE. That's it. It needs to be a rule and every wiki should be monitered, just to stop the hurt, Because, I have been bullied both ways. And NO MORE. I'm not sure if I'm leaving anymore. I will be nicer and do things I think is right. and do things that I want to do. No more bossing me around because I fight for myself. And I want to stand up for myself, no one else. Because what Fox did was very nice. And I think I lost her as friend making her lose other friends. It don't matter anymore. This whole thing is over. Alright? but I am not leaving. Don't worry, I am staying and going to fight for myself. I will run this wiki and don't worry Fox. You didn't tear it apart. The only ones to do that is the ones who give up. No more fights, no more attacking, we can stop all of this. If we all be friends and not make fights. Just try to reason with eachother. No yelling, no arguing, just reasoning. I hope we can do this all together. Come on, please.